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Disaster Management Conference 2014

Already nearly 10 years have elapsed, since 2004 Great Indian Ocean tsunami which has struck 13 out of 14 coastal districts in Sri Lanka and is going to commemorate the tenth year of the devastation on 26th December 2014. Tsunami devastation has brought new dimension into humanitarian response. It brought all the people and nations together. Emergency response was carried out by affected nations with the assistances of internal & external assistances immediately.

After a decade, most of the affected countries have been recovered by its physical destructions while restoring livelihood including critical infrastructure facilities. Although physical and economic impacts were greatly recovered due to tsunami, still there are communities who are being recovered mentally.

In the above context, Ministry of Disaster Management of Government of Sri Lanka and the agencies under its purview decided to assess and share the lessons learned, best practices, repercussions and challenges of post tsunami disaster risk management and development activities initiated the country over the last nine years. Additionally, recent development drive of the country also identifies the significance of reducing the impacts of disasters. In addition, year 2015 is an important juncture for the global development agenda. Coincidently both, Millennium Development Goals and the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA), two important global frameworks also come to an end in year 2015. This also creates an opportunity for stakeholders in Sri Lanka to provide their inputs to the global development agenda through national level consultation processes.

Considering all above facts, MDM decided to conduct a three day national conference in Sri Lanka together with participation of Global, Regional, National and local level partners and stakeholders to achieve a concise, focused, forward-looking, and action-oriented outcome.

This conference will be mainly focused on approaches followed by different local communities, sub national level partners, National Agencies, Regional networks and Global Development partners during post tsunami reconstruction, rehabilitation phase as well as the innovative approaches implemented to reduce the impacts of disasters through improved End to end Early Warning Systems, Emergency Response & Humanitarian Coordination, Disaster preparedness, Mitigation, Relief, Rehabilitation & Reconstruction and Mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation in sector Development planning processes of the country. The proposed national conference will also provide an opportunity stakeholders to engaged a dialogue discuss and answer the questions on what we have done? Where are we and where we wanted to go.  Apart from that this conference will provide a local, sub national level and national level stakeholders to showcase the best practices and challenges faced while providing information, tools and solutions provided to specific problems. Additionally, the conference may provide an opportunity to regional and global level partner to discuss the strategies for post 2015 for building resilient society. The conference expected to create a networking opportunity for the participants.

Schedule of the Disaster Management Conference can be downloded from the following link 

Disaster Management Conference 2014 schedule




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