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Request for Expressions of Interest for Undertaking a Study on Legal and Institutional Framework for Disaster Management in Sri Lanka and Development of a Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Ministry of Disaster Management invites Expression of Interest from consultancy organizations to study the existing legal and institutional framework for disaster management and submit recomendations to enhance the disaster risk management capacity of the country.

Please click the links below for the Request for Expressions of Interest of Undertaking a Study on Legal and Institutional Framework for Disaster Management in Sri Lanka and Development of a Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Request for Expressions of Interest 





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Undertaking a Study on Legal and Institutional Framework for Disaster Management in Sri Lanka and Development of a Comprehensive Strategic Plan


Since the enactment of the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Act No 13 of 2005, Sri Lanka has made a substantial progress in building the country’s capacity in managing disasters. This includes establishing an institutional framework for disaster management covering national and local levels, building early warning capacity of the country, building community awareness on disaster management and developing disaster preparedness plans and capacities at various levels. As a result of the above interventions, disaster related mortalities have reduced significantly over the years. However, the number of people affected and economic damages and losses of disasters have increased over the years, unveiling the inadequacy of country’s efforts in addressing underlying risk drivers of disasters.

Disaster Management is now understood as a cross-cutting subject and the effectiveness of disaster management lies in the country’s capacity in managing disaster risks, in order to address underlying risk drivers, while maintaining and strengthening the disaster management capabilities of the country. Recently adopted Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the international framework for disaster risk management requires a shift in disaster management efforts in countries from managing disasters to managing disaster risks. This requires a coordinated effort among agencies to assess disaster risks and adopt mechanisms to mainstream disaster risk reduction measures into development planning process. In order to achieve these results, current disaster management legal framework should be strengthened further and agencies under the purview of the Ministry should be strengthen to provide coordinated support to development agencies to incorporate disaster risks into their development plans and programmes.

Currently, Disaster Management Centre, Department of Meteorology, National Building Research Organization and the National Disaster Relief Services Centre are coming under the purview of the Ministry of Disaster Management. These agencies form the backbone of disaster management institutional framework of the country. The Ministry has identified duplication of efforts and roles among these agencies, which sometimes leads to confusion among stakeholders. Therefore, this   study is proposed by the Ministry to streamline the disaster risk management efforts of the country.


Evolution of disaster management legal and institutional framework in Sri Lanka   

Disaster Management institutional framework in Sri Lanka came in to place in 1996, when the National Disaster Management Center (NDMC) was established as per the directives of the Cabinet of Ministers, under the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare. The NDMC was responsible for the management of post disaster relief activities and providing housing assistance to disaster victims. Functions listed under the NDMC also included; disaster preparedness planning, mitigation activities, data collection and maintenance and awareness activities.

In the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, the Sri Lanka Disaster Management Act No. 13 of 2005 was enacted by the Parliament, providing provisions to establish the Disaster Management Center (DMC) as the executing agency of the National Council for Disaster Management (NCDM). The National Council is mandated to formulate the national policy and to give strategic direction while the Ministry of Disaster Management guides and administers the activities of agencies under its purview and coordinate with other ministries. The DMC is mandated with the responsibility of assisting the NCDM for preparing national policy and plan on disaster management, preparedness planning at all levels, establishing a comprehensive early warning system and coordinates the emergency response efforts in the country.

In 2007 the National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) was renamed as the National Disaster Relief Services Center (NDRSC) and was placed under the Ministry of Social Services and Resettlement. In 2010 the NDRSC was brought under the purview of the Ministry of Disaster Management to perform relief services of the country, without making substantial changes to the initial mandate of the NDMC. Currently, disaster relief activities are coordinated by both National Disaster Relief Services Centre and the Disaster Management Centre, leading to conflicting roles and duplication of efforts.

Immediately after tsunami in 2004, emphasis of the government had been to strengthen the early warning and response capacity of institutions and increase the awareness of people living in hazard prone areas. In response to this need, Disaster Management Centre has been provided with an organization structure and human resources recruited on contract basis. In 2011, with the approval of Department of Management Services, most of officials were made permanent. The Disaster Management Centre currently has 226 staff members including 25 Assistant Directors and 85 Disaster Management Assistants, who are based in district disaster management units under the district secretaries.

In parallel, the NDRSC officers are in permanent and pensionable service functioning as a unit under the Ministry of Disaster Management. The Center is headed by a Director and supported by Assistant Directors, and Development Officers/Assistants attached to District and Divisional Secretariats.

In addition to the above, Department of Meteorology and National Building Research Organization perform specialized tasks relevant to disaster risk management. However, the Ministry has observed duplication of roles among the above agencies performed under the purview of the Ministry and lack of coordinated effort in addressing disaster risks as required by the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.    

Considering the above, Ministry of Disaster Management has clearly identified the need to strengthen capacities of both institutions, and has proposed to conduct an Organization Review to strengthen legal and institutional framework for disaster risk management and develop a Comprehensive Strategic Plan for effective disaster risk management of the country. The proposed study was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 2nd December 2015 and a high level committee has been appointed by the Hon. Minister of Disaster Management to guide the study.

The overall objective of this consultancy is to conduct a comprehensive study on existing legal and institutional framework for disaster management and propose an appropriate new legal and institutional arrangement for Disaster Risk Management in Sri Lanka and to develop a comprehensive Strategic Plan for the proposed arrangement.

Specific objectives:

1.      Review the existing legal and institutional framework for disaster management

2.      Identify new legal and institutional framework to manage disaster risks and to ensure smooth functioning of disaster risk management operations in the country (i.e. use of human and other resources effectively and efficiently for disaster risk management)  

3.      Propose a comprehensive strategic plan for implementation of the proposed institutional set up


The consultancy would involve;

a.     Review existing national & international institutional frameworks related to Disaster Management

b.     Review the DM Act, draft Amended DM Act, Disaster Management Policy, Parliament Select Committee Report on natural disasters, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation fund established under Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Fund Act, gazette notifications for Ministry of Disaster Management and NDRSC, Treasury circulars of disaster relief provisions and other relevant documents related to the study, and strategic directions of Ministry of Disaster Management, DMC and NDRSC

c.      Undertake an  environment scan covering stakeholder mapping and coordination mechanism with regard to disaster management in the country at all levels (National, District and Division) and perform an analysis using standard tools

d.     Study the existing organizational set-up (including establishment & structures), institutional capacity and, financial and administrative systems (including Human resources) of DMC and NDRSC

e.     Based on above findings & analysis, recommend appropriate legal framework and institutional set-up (including required changes to existing Structures or new Structure, if any) for Disaster Management of the country.

f.       Through a consultative process, application of appropriate tools of analysis and with the concurrence of the Committee, identify and propose strategic direction for the proposed institutional set-up;

g.      Based on the above, make recommendation for Strategies in achieving the proposed strategic direction;

h.     Make recommendations for managing anticipated change in DMC and NDRSC during the above process and propose a plan for Human Resources Management & Development and, Administrative & financial system for the proposed institutional set-up;

i.       Propose an action plan to implement the above recommendations with the consultation of the Committee

All final documents prepared by the Consultant should be submitted in English, Sinhala and Tamil.


Documentation Required from Consultants

Interested consultancy firms may provide relevant details including the following information to support their eligibility for qualifying for undertaking the assignment.

  • Name, address and contact information of the Consultancy Firm
  • Names and short CVs of key staff/officers of the Consultancy Firm
  • Ownership of the Consultancy Firm/ Business registration
  • Audited Financial Statements for last 3 years
  • List and description of major similar assignments undertaken during past 10 years
  • Brochures, and other supporting documents

Qualified Consultants will be short listed based on the EoI’s received by the submission deadline. Short listed consultants will be further requested to submit a detail Technical and Financial Proposals separately. Winning Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Quality-and-Cost-Based Selection (QCBS) method of procurement guidelines. All documents, including the Request for Proposal, the Proposal and Contract for the proposed assignment will be issued in English language.

Interested consultants may obtain further information from the contact person whose details are provided below, on public working days between 0900 hrs to 1530 hrs from 20.04.2016. Duly signed Expressions of Interest must be forwarded to the following address not later than 1400 hrs on 03.05.2016. Incomplete and the EoI’s that are submitted after the submission deadline will be rejected without any notice.

Procurement Officer - Mr. C.A.K. Galatumbage, Assistant Secretary

Ministry of Disaster Management, Government of Sri Lanka

First Floor, 120, Vidya Mawatha, Colombo 07

Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 (0) 0112665531

Fax: +94 (0) 112 665706

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: www.disastermin.gov.lk





Ministry Procurement Committee

Additional Secretary (Administration)

 Ministry of Disaster Management


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