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මුල් පිටුව භාගත කිරීම් ආපදා කළමනාකරණ මාර්ග සිතියම

The Road Map for Disaster Risk Management

The 'Road map' is a ten year comprehensive programme of action for disaster risk management which has been developed by the Government of Sri Lanka with support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

This publication is focused on seven thematic components which are consistent with ongoing and past efforts in the field of disaster risk management and development planning in Sri Lanka. The strategy proposed under this disaster management framework for Sri Lanka covers the areas of: policy, institutional mandates and institutional development; hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment; multi-hazard early warning systems; mitigation and integration of disaster risk reduction into development planning; community based disaster risk management; public awareness, education and training.

The present document, the 'Road map' vol. 2, consists of project proposals for each of the proposed outputs under the seven components of the road map. These project proposals incorporate all necessary details regarding agencies involved, objectives, outputs activities, time frame and geographical area of implementation, along with the budget required, funding status and the lead agency.

Click here to download Vol.2 of Road Map For Disaster Risk Management.


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